Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?

Register to  Togybux and log into your account. You can start by Viewing Ads from the “Earn Money” menu. Click on an advertisement and wait until the 'loading bar' completes. Confirm the captcha code by matching the image and your balance is credited! 

2. Why I cannot see any ads on PTC section?

To be able to view ads on Togybux, You need to Disable or Turn Off your ad blocker (pop up blocker) in your browser's extension setting.

3. Why is there more ads when I am logged out?

You will see more ads while you are logged out because our system allows advertisers to set demographic filters so they can only target certain countries or certain members such as members who are upgraded as they are considered more valuable.

4. Can I have more than one Togybux account?

No, having more than one account is not permitted and if caught all accounts will be suspended. If we detect multiple accounts from the same IP address, all accounts will be suspended. Please do not join from public networks such as schools or other public places.

5. What payment options are available?

We are accept: Paypal (only Cashout), Perfect Money, Payeer, Tether TRC20, Dogecoin, Bitcoin.

6. What cannot be advertised?

- Frame breakers
- Adult content
- Sites with pop ups
- Racism
- Spamming
- Forced downloads

7. Can my user name change?

Since we identify your account by your user name you can not change your user name.

8. Where can I find my referral link and banners?

Click Banners on the left side within your member’s area to find your referral link and banners.

9. Can I change my upline?

No, if you believe that your referrer (upline) should be another user or if you do not have any upline, this issue is not from the website.
This is your responsibility to check the referral link that you click on.

10. Can i Cashout with Paypal?

Yes, We support for cashout via Paypal. However, this function only for Upgraded Membership.


Only at Togybux.com, We accept Paypal for Cashout.